The Ryedale Rover

An accessible dial and ride service for residents of Ryedale.

the ryedale rover

On-demand affordable transport from your village to local towns and villages.

What is The Ryedale Rover?

It is recognised that public transport is not always easily accessible in the right place and at the right time in much of Ryedale. The Ryedale Rover is being developed to supplement existing public transport routes and to provide low-cost transport in areas that do not have regular public transport. Ryedale Community Transport has been awarded a Lottery Grant to trial and develop an on-demand transport service in Ryedale.

What is an On-demand service?

It is a service that only runs if passengers have pre-booked a place. You cannot use the service unless you have previously booked a seat.

Who can use the service?


Do I have to register for the service?

No, but you will be recorded as villager who has used our on-demand scheme.

How do I book a seat?

Telephone our dedicated Ryedale Rover booking number 07399 214083 and speak with a member of our booking staff. They will ask for your name and contact telephone number together with the village you wish to be collected from and returned to. They will also ask which service you wish to use. They will then contact you the afternoon before you travel to confirm your collection time.

Will you collect me from my home?

No. We will collect you from one of the designated pick-up points in your village.

How do I know where my village pick-up point is?

A leaflet will be delivered to your home. If you have mislaid or not received, your leaflet our booking staff will help you decide a suitable pick-up point.

Is there a cost involved?

There is no annual membership charge, but each journey will involve a cost. We expect that prices will vary between £1.50 and £4.50 per single journey depending on the mileage involved. You will be told of the cost at the time of seat reservation.

How do I pay for my journey?

You can pay at the time of reserving your seats by using a debit or credit card or you can pay in cash when you board the Rover. If you pay in cash, please ensure that you have the exact amount as drivers will only have a limited sum to provide change.

Can I use a NYCC Bus Pass or other Concessionary Travel Scheme document?

No. The Ryedale Rover is not a regulated bus route but an on-demand service.

How and where is the Ryedale Rover being introduced?

We have divided Ryedale into five zones and are going to trial different ways of operating in each zone. The zones will be developed over the coming months and, as the Rover is introduced into a zone, residents will be invited to try the service, for free, for the first month. This will help us to learn how to manage the requests for transport and build demand-responsive routes for our drivers to fulfil.

Where are the zones and when will they be operational?

Green Zone: South of Norton – Operational October 2021.
West to the River Derwent, South to the Ryedale boundary north of the A166, East to the B1248.
View the Green Zone Map.

Yellow Zone: West of Malton – Operational November 2021.
East to the River Derwent, South to the Ryedale boundary north of York, North to the B1257 / A 170, West to the edge of the Ryedale boundary.
View the Yellow Zone Map.

Blue Zone: East of Malton – Operational November 2021.
North to the River Derwent, East to Ryedale Boundary, South to Ryedale Boundary north of B1253, West to B1248.
View the Blue Zone Map.

Pink Zone: To be developed – North / South of A170. (West) Operational Spring 2022

White Zone: To be developed – North / South of A170 (East) Operational Spring 2022.

For further information about this service, please call our dedicated Ryedale Rover number 07399 214083

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