Ken Gill – Bid Farewell

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Featured News, News

Chief Officer, Ken Gill, retires.

We bid farewell to Ken Gill, Chief Officer, and thank him for his many year’s of service. 

“It has been my absolute honour and privilege to serve as Chief Officer of Ryedale Community Transport since January 2017.

“I joined this charity as a volunteer driver over 15 years ago, it dawned on me very early that you don’t work for a charity to become a millionaire or for the glory, but you do so to help others in a direct and tangible way, providing help and assistance to others in your community.

“From the very beginning I was impressed by the dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers at RyedaleCT, they quietly and unassumingly go about their business, but collectively make such an important difference in the lives of local people.

“Ryedale Community Transport has weathered many ups and downs in its 17 year history but perhaps none more challenging than in the last 2 years under the grip of Covid 19. But with grateful help, support, good fortune, and sheer determination, we have emerged relatively unscathed. Our work during the pandemic was limited but none the less essential, ensuring many people had access to medical care and vaccinations. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of all our staff and most importantly our volunteers.

“Despite the problems that the pandemic threw up, I am confident that the charity is in a good position to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

“I know that under the leadership of Lynne Hodgson the team will continue to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable services and continue to develop and deliver transport to those in our community who need it the most.

“I am standing down with mixed feelings, on one hand there will be sadness at not working with such a dedicated bunch of individuals whom I shall miss enormously, but on the other hand this is of course balanced by the excitement of meeting new challenges and opportunities in life as I head into retirement.

“I wish them all the greatest of luck and good fortune in their future endeavours and thank them all for making my job as Chief Officer so enjoyable and rewarding.”