Covid 19 PPE and Vehicle Deep Cleaning

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Grants, News

Grant received from Ryedale District Council.

During COVID-19, Ryedale Community Transport has continued to provide essential travel for the elderly or vulnerable, mopeds for key workers, transport for two local doctor’s surgeries and people referred to us by the NHS Hospital Trust.

We have equipped our vehicles with protective shields, provided staff with the essential protective equipment and bought a specialist chemical cleaning spray. We recently received a £4,000n grant from Ryedale District Council to enable us to carry out a daily deep clean regime of their vehicles from now on and to employ extra staff to do this.

Ken Gill, Chief Officer at Ryedale Community Transport said:

“We’re delighted to receive the grant from Ryedale District Council. It’s taken a huge weight off our shoulders – COVID-19 has had an impact on us financially and we’ll need to look at this in the longer term. In the short-term, it’s taken some of the pain out of the costs associated with the deep cleaning , which is what’s needed to look after our clients and staff, because that’s what we do as a charity. It’s really wonderful news.”