About Ryedale Community Transport CIO

Ryedale Community Transport CIO takes over where public transport stops, providing transport options for residents who have no other means of travelling, by offering affordable journeys for groups and individuals.

Ryedale Community Transport CIO is a registered charity, number 1109232. The charity was established in 2005 to provide affordable, rural transport solutions for people who are disadvantaged because of physical or mental disability, geographically isolated or through deprivation and poverty.

The Importance of Our Role

The principle activity of Ryedale Community Transport CIO is the provision of community transport, offering transport solutions to rurally isolated communities and groups, individuals with special transport needs for example those with mobility issues and young people accessing training, education and jobs. Transporting our Members to medical appointments always takes the highest priority on our journey schedules.

These objectives are achieved through the operation of the following services:


  • Volunteer car scheme.
  • A Wheelchair accessible vehicle service.
  • A Group travel minibus service.
  • A Wheels to Work moped loan scheme.
  • The Ryedale Rover on demand dial & ride service.. 

Increasing Demand and Our Determination to Meet that Demand

The call for our services has significantly grown in recent years and there are strong indications that community transport will increasingly be needed in the Ryedale area.

The demand for the car scheme often exceeds availability, despite a constant recruitment drive for new volunteers which has seen an increase in number from 34 drivers in December 2010 to the present with 55 drivers. New volunteers are always very welcome.

A big contributory factor to our success is our team of staff and volunteers. Here at Ryedale Community Transport CIO we pride ourselves by having friendly, professional and dedicated staff and volunteers that are always happy to help.

Help Us Achieve Our Vision

A community where vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled individuals of all ages can be regularly transported safely to and from their homes.

2019 was the 30th anniversary of the Ryedale Car scheme

Originally started by Ryedale District Council in 1989 the volunteer car scheme was taken over by a new charity called Ryecat Ltd which was formed in 2005, which in turn morphed into Ryedale Community Transport CIO some 30 years later.  Still going as strong today as ever, we have estimated that in this time the scheme has provide over 150,000 passenger journeys delivered by a staggering 600,000 volunteer hours.